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Smoking seriously harms you and others around you.

Smoking is highly addictive, don't start.




UK Shisha Sites

Shisha Hire:

Portable Hookah / Shisha / Narglia / Sheesha Pipe - More at the online shop HERE

This hookah can go anywhere the most adventurous traveler and wildest partier can… And it still smokes LIKE A DREAM

1. Turns Nearly Any Bottle, Nalgene, Or Vase Into A Hookah - never worry about breaking the glass base again!
2. Light And Compact - easily take it to your wild parties and as you travel the globe.
3. Dishwasher Safe - never worry about cleaning your hookah again.
4. Sets Up In Mere Seconds - easily set it up at your pre-game and then quickly take it apart to hit The Party.
5. Stainless Steel Internal Pipe - never lose a hookah to flavor stains again!

The first hookah ever designed for the party and travel lifestyle.

The last hookah you’ll ever need.

Unbreakable – It’s made completely of metal and high-temperature rubber, and fits on 1L and 1.75L liquor bottles, 2L Pop / soda bottles, narrow top Nalgenes, wine caskets (yes, you read that right), and a variety of vases - customize it to your taste! No more need to worry about breaking your glass base.
Dishwasher Safe – It’s the 21st century; it’s about time we get a dishwasher-safe hookah.
High Quality Design – The Portable Hookah is easy to set up and made of high quality parts - this is the last hookah you’ll ever need.
Transportability - The Portable Hookah and its accessories all fit in a small bag thats included for your convenience. It weighs a mere 0.91 Kgs (2 pounds). You finally have a hookah you can easily take with you, whether backpacking or hitting the party across town.

Remember, with the Portable Hookah you will see at least these 3 results:

1. Conversations will come to you easier than drawing smoke from the hose. Whether traveling, kicking it at the party, or just chilling at the local beer garden, you’ll be amazed at how easily the Portable Hookah helps you find the other intelligent and delightful souls out there. No need to worry about meeting cool people, they’ll come to you!

2. You’ll be the talk of the party when you hit the scene with the Portable Hookah at full throttle. Sitting atop a totally sweet bottle, the item’s party-oriented design and sleek look will have everyone talking about you, the premier Party Pioneer.

3. Your expert hookah friends will look on in bewilderment. They’ll beg to know where you got a hookah that’s so compact and durable, yet pulls those extremely flavorful and smooth gentle amber waves of smoke they try so hard to get.


What Do You Get?

Click Image to enlarge in new window

1. Stainless Steal HoboHookah Pipe - fits on nearly any bottle or vase
2. 6 Foot (1.8m)Black Hose - threads snugly onto the pipe and allows maximum reach
3. Big and Black Clay Bowl (with fitted grommet) - large size enables a quality smoking session.
4. Tongs (with attached poker) - so you can handle the hot coals and punch holes in the tinfoil.
5. Slick Carrying Bag - fits Portable Hookah, accessories, and up to 1Litre bottle for easy transport.


Click HERE to purchase

All Portable Hookah parts

You get 5 rubbers which includes a spare stem rubber. Keep this in a safe place or fit it over the other end of the 305mm long 10mm diameter stainless stem.

Just place one of the stem rubbers inside the main aluminium body and then push the 305mm stainles stem into the aluminium body and into the rubber to make an air tight seal.


Click HERE to purchase

You get a small carry bag for when you are transporting your hookah pipe.


Click HERE to purchase

Black ceramic bowl for the top of your hookah pipe. This bowl has a large capacity for your molasses or non-tabac molasses.


Click HERE to purchase

Leather black hose which is 1.8 meters long. The hose has a 10mm female threaded connection for the main top body of the portable hookah.

Remember to use the small 12mm diameter x 5mm long black hose rubber seal.

Click HERE to purchase

Completed look with the hose rubber seal and the clay / ceramic bowl rubber plus the bottle rubber seal.

Click HERE to purchase

Showing you the portable hookah with the clay bow attached.

You can also fit an adapter to the hose connection (Not included) so you can use your own standard hose if you so wish.

Click to go to product

Click HERE to purchase

Full view of the portable hookah built up and ready to fit on top of a plastic or glass bottle filled with water or whatever substance you want, cola, orange, milk, wine ?

Click HERE to purchase

You can also fit an adapter to the hose connection (Not included) so you can use your own standard hose if you so wish.

Click to go to product

Click HERE to purchase

Here is the main item that all the rubbers fit too.


It is made out of aluminuim so it will not rust and is 3 inches long with a tappered end for the bowl and a 10mm thread for the hose connection.

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Latest News

We at ShishaPipe strive to attain customer loyalty through superior product quality, low Prices and excellent customer service.

Our prices are low because we import all Shisha pipes and accessories directly. This allows us to attain only truly authentic Shisha pipes and pass the savings on to our customers.

We have been in the business long enough to know what a quality Shisha / Hookah / Nargile is made of.

All products are designed and built to last a lifetime.

ShishaPipe UK are also distributors for the None Tobacco Molasses which is available in Mint, Aniseed, Apple, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry, double apple, pineapple, cherry, coffee, vanilla, raspberry blueberry, mintos, mint, rose, liquorice, mango, peach, choco mint, pudina (Spearmint), orange, watermelon, coconut, bombay pan masalla, silver fox apple, golden amber apple, lime and lemon and Grape.

We can also provide this product with any flavor you like as long as the quantity placed is large enough.

The future is None Tobacco Molasses with NO TOBACCO, NO TAR and NO NICOTINE makes this product a must for all types of UK based shisha business.

The Healthy shisha smoke.

Non Tobacco Molasses

Non Tobacco Molasses

More Details
This unique hookah has a built in ice chamber right under the tray. The ice chamber’s purpose is to give you a cooler and smoother smoke each and every time. Putting ice in the chamber is optional, but you’ll feel the difference once you’ve tried it.

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